Aboriginal Women's Professional Association


The Aboriginal Women’s Leadership Program was delivered in 2014 to Aboriginal women who were on a personal quest to make a difference in their lives, their families, their organization and their community.  The program blended Indigenous knowledge, wisdom and worldview with contemporary leadership issues in the 21st century.  The process is based on traditional medicine wheel teachings which are holistic and address learning, growth, change and “walking the talk”.     


The Aboriginal Women’s Leadership Program objectives were to:

  1. Getting to know myself and others using the medicine wheel;
  2. Turning talent into performance; and
  3. Celebration and preparation for coaching and mentoring.


The Aboriginal Women’s Leadership Program provided sharing a vision, leading from the heart, providing transformational change opportunities, becoming a role model and accepting personal accountability. The program offered a mentoring component, where mentors were invited to share their wisdom, experience and friendship in a positive, engaging and supportive way, which encouraged participants to move towards their personal goals.


Participants were provided with the opportunity to gather together to share and celebrate their successes, challenges and opportunities.  In addition, participants were provided with personal coaching and mentoring opportunities that occurred using a variety of formats including face to face, telephone and the internet.