AWPA will work in collaboration with point of contact service providers from various organizations, industry and post-secondary institutions. At the end of the workshops participants will have an opportunity to participate in a Community Networking Event. Community organizations, industry and service providers will be invited to provide an opportunity for each participant to build and enhance their networks.

Program Criteria

ESET Program Partners

AWPA is excited to formally announce the launch of the Essential Skills and Employment Training (ESET) Program for Aboriginal women living within the Edmonton area. The ESET Program is about building, embracing and establishing relationships with Aboriginal women to build capacity development, enhance experience and to create opportunities. It is about investing, empowering the lives of Aboriginal women that can potentially begin at the infant, child, adolescent, adult and elder stages of life. The program is about making connections with current and future generations of Aboriginal women. Let the ESET Program support you. We will be delivering workshops in the following areas:

Are you currently unemployed and/or  looking for employment? Do you require support in finding employment? Do you need support in accessing resume, interview, and job search techniques and/or goal planning? Are you looking to build your career, looking for post-secondary opportunities? Do you require a mentor? Are just not sure where to start?

Aboriginal Women's Professional Association