The Step Up Wellness Program objectives were to:

  1. Increase level of participation in physical activities;
  2. Encourage and promote healthy eating habits to reduce the most prevalent risk factors for health and wellness, including risk factors for heart disease, diabetes obesity, etc.; and
  3. Improve access to health information and resources on healthy eating.


The Step Up Wellness Program provided participants with weekly fitness classes. Not only did the participants had access to a personal trainer for fitness assessments, personal exercise programming and one-on-one sessions they were also provided with presentations, resources and success stories related to healthy living and nutritious recipes through a community cooking club.

 A highlight of the Step Up Wellness Program was the Friend Challenge, this involved participants engaging in physical activity and were challenged to bring a friend to each challenge.  In addition, the Step Up Wellness Program incorporated the Corporate Challenge, which was a monthly exercise competition between agencies, this competition provided a great networking opportunity between community agencies.


The Step Up Wellness Program was delivered in 2013 in an effort to support and encourage Aboriginal women to make informed choices about their personal lifestyles relating to diet and exercise related to their personal health.


Aboriginal Women's Professional Association