The Vision Speakers course was delivered in 2013 and was built upon the foundation and practice of Toastmasters and Christopher Leadership courses that have been successful in developing public speaking and leadership skills for many who have taken these programs. The course incorporated Aboriginal values and beliefs that enhanced abilities to share ideas, unique talents and vision with others. 

The course is designed to prepare individuals for leadership in everyday life, with an aim to improve self-confidence, increase self-understanding, and the understanding of others.   We will provide you with opportunities to realize your full potential by developing your skills in public speaking, communication, and leadership.   In doing so, we will boost your confidence and help you to share your vision, your ideas and talents with others. 


The Vision Speakers objectives were to:

  1. Assist people in becoming more effective communicators;
  2. Develop individual talents and “gifts” provided by our Creator; and
  3. Use your unique talents and develop skills to promote the well-being of others.


The Vision Speakers course provided a learning environment where you learn by doing.  Each participant was required to speak twice during each session in front of the group. The workshops always begin with a warm-up that was designed to help us limber up, release some of the nervousness, relax and have some fun.   Participants took part in various effective speaking components that included specific assignments such as readings, introducing and thanking speakers, presenting gifts and preparing 3-5 minute talks. 

In addition, participants had an opportunity to volunteer for a variety of special assignments and to practice their leadership skills by planning and preparing for your graduation and celebration. At the close of each session there was a theme that incorporated traditional values and experiences given by a member of the instructing team. The themes include of values of courage, wisdom, love, respect, honesty, humility, patience, caring and sharing. This part of the program provides the opportunity to demonstrate through example how the skills can be applied effectively through practice.


Aboriginal Women's Professional Association