Aboriginal Women's Professional Association



The Aboriginal Leaders for Today & for Tomorrow Program objectives were to:

  1. Getting to know myself and others using the medicine wheel;
  2. 4 Ward thinking-moving in the directions of your dreams;
  3. Celebration and preparation for coaching and mentoring; and
  4. Coaching and mentoring.


The Aboriginal Leaders for Today & for Tomorrow Program taught youth how to determine where they are at - self-awareness, where they are going - goal setting and how to achieve their personal goals. This involved participation in transformational learning that is life-changing, uplifting, and fun. 


The Young Aboriginal Leaders for Today & for Tomorrow Program was delivered in 2013 to Aboriginal youth to provide Aboriginal youth an opportunity to be a part of a leadership development program that included a leadership and mentoring components that captured the medicine wheel’s mental, emotional, spiritual and physical balance through traditional ways of knowing, including ceremony, celebration, and the 'circle of life' wheel. The program stretched their dreams and showed the youth that life is full of possibilities. The teachings reflected Aboriginal wisdom and traditions and focused on making connections to culture.

Participants were provided with an opportunity to work with a mentor and role model, as they move towards achieving their goals. Through this opportunity the young leaders developed their leadership potential, which had a significant and positive impact in their lives as they move forward in their personal, educational, career, family, leadership, and entrepreneurial goals.

Participants reflected on their current habits, attitudes, beliefs and expectations that hold them back from achieving their goals and aspirations and learning to change them into ones that support each of them to live their best life. 

Participants had the opportunity to connect with a mentor that was chosen by participant’s personal criteria, who is a community member that will support the participant in their journey towards understanding and achieving their goals. Some activities included Elder teachings, circle sharing, small group exercises, talking stick craft, guest speakers and journaling activities.